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Featured Band “Sofasonic” is an exciting Hertford-based originals blues/rock band formed in 2007. It consists of four members – Michael, SJ, Niall and Elliot, playing lead vocals/guitar, bass/backing vocals, guitar and drums respectively. They perform forty gigs per year on average and they’ve just brought out an album. It’s called – “Get Made” and is set to make them millions. Maybe – fingers-crossed!

The members of Sofasonic are all around 30 years old and between them have about sixty years of band experience. SJ (34) met Elliot (31) whilst working and, with him, formed Sofasonic with its original line-up. Ten years on SJ and Elliot are married and the final line up with Michael (32 and Elliot’s football team mate) and Niall (28) has been cemented since 2013. There is a lot of history here – too much to share in this short write up.

Music has been in this band’s life from the get go. Michael started singing in a choir at the age of three. SJ’s dad was a guitarist in Small Faces and taught her how to play bass. Elliot’s dad is a drummer and Niall – not much is known about Niall! Considering his guitar riffs, he’s inspired by 70s and 80s punk music, that much we do know. 

Sofasonic Gigs for 2018

  • Three Tuns, Ashwell – Saturday 27th January, 2018.
  • Half Moon, Bishops Stortford – Thursday 1st February, 2018.
  • The Beehive, Bow – Friday 23rd, February, 2018.
  • The Jungle Bar, Hertford – Saturday 24th, February, 2018.
  • White Lion, Bengeo – Saturday 24th, March, 2018.


Original Blues Rock Band

Sofasonic are presently contactable via their Facebook page..
SJ Manarin

SJ Manarin

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist

SJ owns a Falconry business. She formed Sofasonic with her now husband Elliot and plays bass and backing vocals in the band.
Elliot Manarin

Elliot Manarin


Elliot is the band’s drummer and is married to SJ. He runs a film company.
Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist

Michael is a project manager and joined Sofasonic as the lead singer and guitarist in 2010.
Niall Turner

Niall Turner


Niall is a gas technician and completed the line up in 2013.

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