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Why your pub needs to be a part of the Open Mic Movement.

What and Who?

What is the Open Mic Movement?

Who is behind the Open Mic Movement?

  • a music academy, a company that supplies music teachers to schools, two pubs, one music studio – so far


Who benefits from the Open Mic Movement?

Everybody who joins.

  • Pubs
  • musicians
  • music teachers
  • music students
  • local studios
  • record companies
  • music promoters
  • the general public.

Pubs that join the Open Mic Movement benefit from Featured Artist tours. This includes:

  • Featured up and coming bands and artists that have been identified as “having what it takes to go all the way”
  • top quality professional artists and bands.

Open Mic Movement pubs have dedicated webpages on our site

Open Mic Movement venues benefit from social media mentions and news updates about their activities.

  • on
  • on Facebook
  • on Twitter
  • on Google+


In a country where pubs have been instrumental in producing many top rated bands and artists, it’s alarming to witness so many of them closing down.

The pub industry is ailing in the United Kingdom. This is distressing for the music business in particular, because, historically, pubs are where our successful artists and bands have learned their performance craft. It’s where they cut their teeth so to speak.

In an analogy where a pilot learns how to fly aeroplanes: it’s where they put the hours in before flying solo and getting a pilot’s license.

Bands and artists develop their performance style by playing in pubs, supported by family and friends and local communities.
For this reason alone (amongst many other just as valid reasons I’m sure,) it is vital that the pub industry survive.

The Open Mic Movement is committed to ensuring that there is at least one fully fledged Open Mic Movement qualifying public house in every town.

Music Pub Criteria

The pub would be classed as qualifying music pub because

  • It has a quality sound system installed
  • GREAT sound on stage so musicians can hear themselves (thus more encouragement to play.)
  • A set of drums
  • A piano

Your pub could be the venue in your town that is associated with The Open Mic Movement. You just have to commit.The Movement (and its pubs) works by putting the musician first. By this, we mean that we want it to be as easy as possible for a musician to get on stage to perform. Ideally, we want to remove all obstacles.

What does this mean for the pub?

Before electric guitars, this meant that the pub had to have an upright piano. The pub had to supply the piano, because pianos are heavy! In this day and age, there are electric pianos which aren’t so heavy it’s true, but the music scene has moved on somewhat.

Instead of heavy pianos, we now have heavy amps, sound systems (PAs), etc. To help with the making of music, we want the musician to only have to rock up with his instrument.. Guitars, bass guitar, accordion, vocals – you get the picture!

To entice musicians, we are looking for venues that encourage and foster live music. It would be good for musicians to be able to hear themselves “on stage” – so often when playing live they cannot. There is equipment out there that fulfils this function.

If music pubs are to survive, and if we want the United Kingdom to remain at the forefront of the world’s music industry, radical action has to be taken. It is vital that we take responsibility for keeping the pub and live music industries alive – because nobody else will give this massive problem the passion that it requires to see us through these troubling times.

If your pub needs sound equipment, it is vital that it invests in itself in order to attract musicians to come and play. Musicians bring audiences and business to the pub. It’s a win-win.

In lieu of this investment, music pubs can seek outside help with sound. There are mobile Open Mic providers out there; people with sound systems – and a musical talent of their own to get things rolling on a quiet night. “Quiet nights” would soon be a thing of the past if everybody pulled together to make things happen. Musicians, students,  pubs, other venues – it’s everybody’s responsibility to keep music live.

Do you own a music pub? Are you interested in flourishing, not just surviving, or drowning?

Join the Open Mic Movement. Take Action!

What do you have to do?

Do you already have a great sound system? (No? We can advise you on the equipment that you need. Or alternatively book an open mic movement approved provider.)

Once you meet the criteria, join The Open Mic Movement to receive:

  • Your own webpage on The Open Mic Movement’s website proving your acceptance into the scheme.
  • Regular featured artists
  • The ability to update the webpage with your pub’s music news – for example, featured artists due to play for instance.
  • Regular news posted on social media.

Contact Us Now.

Click here to telephone: 07947 407807, or use the contact form below.

It is vital that you and I take responsibility for keeping the pub and live music industries alive. For without a vested interest, nobody will give this problem the passion that it requires to save our livelihoods.

Stephen Gritton

Contact The Open Mic Movement

The Open Mic Movement
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  • Email us using the form
  • Phone 07947 407807
  • Or simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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