The Jungle Bar
The most perfect place in Hertford | for quality Open Mic Events | with probably the best sound on stage | for musicians to rock out and engage with fans!

Every Tuesday Open Mic Session 8.30 – Midnight

Featured Artist/Band to Start (usually) | Various Acts (Rock up and Play) | Jam Session to Finish (All The Acts Invited)

About The Jungle Bar

Renowned for booking top bands, this pub is truly all about the live music. The landlady, Sue Adams is passionate about it.

Sue has a purpose built stage, with a professional sound system, and full backline and drums in the bar – all ready to be used at a moment’s notice. The dance floor and the layout of this venue makes it perfect for gigs and open mic events.

The Jungle Bar hosts an Open Mic Plus Session every Tuesday evening. Musicians can turn up on the night to play an acoustic set, or simply plug in to one of the guitar amps on stage to rock out. There are slots for bands and artists, along with opportunities for several musicians to get on stage at the same time for an impromptu performance or to have a jam! 10, 15, or 20 minute slots are available as this is a three and a half hour session!

Performances are broadcast to Facebook (unless requested not to by the musician beforehand.) The description of the resulting recorded session is then edited with information on who performed and where their performances can be found on the video.

Check back here for regular news updates from The Jungle Bar.

Sue Adams

Sue Adams


Enquiries:01992 676761

Simply Great Music

Through shear fluke once again, the first Wednesday of the month - fell on the very first day of the month! This months line up, was dominated by some exceptional vocal performances of both classic covers as well as some startingly sharp witted improvisation. We had...

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Jungle Bar Open Mic Event Review

What's not to like? This regular Tuesday Open Mic Event offers a great experience for musicians and audiences alike. This bar certainly deserves its Open Mic Movement Registered Venue status. With a stage, a house PA with stage monitors, full backline and drums, this...

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