Open Mic Movement's - Singer's Night

The George III, Hoddesdon - every Thursday.

About Open Mic Movement’s – Singer’s Night.

“Singers night” is a serious affair.

Not everybody can play an instrument, yet there are some great vocalists amongst us who never get to perform live..

  • and now they can.
  • Singers Night is on
  • every Thursday evening
  • at The George III in Hoddesdon.

Are you a vocalist? Get yourself down to The George one Thursday evening, so that people can hear what you can do. There’s a piano at the George, or you can take your acoustic guitar to accompany your voice.

Open Mic - Singers Night

Open Mic - Singers Night

Enquiries: 01992 463171

If you are so inclined, you could take some backing tracks with you instead. Don’t have backing tracks?

Don’t worry, because the George has 20,000 stock tracks available.


Surely this is “karaoke”?


  • Is the Japanese art of getting drunk then
  • taking hold of a microphone and
  • inflicting pain.

Open Mic Singers night is better than karaoke.

So – To recap:

  1. Do you sing? Go and sing a song or three at The George III.
  2. Do you like to hear great vocalists? Did we tell you that it’s on every Thursday evening?
  3. Are you a band without a singer? Visit the George and check out the talent.
  4. Are you a singer without a band? Go to the George and get discovered!

Contact The Open Mic Movement

The Open Mic Movement
EN10 7LP

  • Email us using the form
  • Phone 07947 407807
  • Or simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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