Open Mic - Plus

The George III, Hoddesdon on the last Wednesday of every month ...

About Open Mic “Plus”

Open Mic – “Plus” is a “traditional” yet at the same time a not so traditional open mic session.

It provides a piano. It also features a full back line and PA, so it’s simple plug an electric guitar in and play.

At an Open Mic Plus event you can expect:

  1. to hear a new band (a half hour set)
  2. various acts
  3. a jam session to finish.

Open Mic - Plus

Open Mic - Plus

Enquiries: 07947407807

The New Band

The evening kicks off with a half hour partial set of songs from a new band.

Our “plus” session is great for new bands. This is because any gigging band needs thirty-five to forty songs to do a two hour set. It can take weeks to prepare this amount of songs. In a half an hour set, there is roughly six or seven songs, therefore a new band can get feedback from a live audience much sooner.

Various Acts

Just as you would expect at an open mic evening, you’ll see musicians and singers to play two, three – or even four songs if they are especially good and it’s not too busy.

We welcome all abilities and styles, original songs or covers. Usually this means acoustic instruments, but, as we have a backline, we can accommodate an electric guitar or two. There is also a piano available.

Jam Session

To end the evening, we have a jam session with whoever wants to take part. Drummers, guitarists, bassists, accordionists, saxophonists, trumpeters, harmonica players, etc.

This jam session is held on the last Wednesday of every month at The George III in Hoddesdon. Come along and play, or watch, because it’s vibrant, it’s live; it’s great; it’s free and frankly it’s far better than watching television.

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