National Curriculum

National Curriculum

In order to make it easy for different musicians to be able to get on stage together for impromptu performances, we’ve put together a “national curriculum of songs”.

It gives beginners and intermediates more opportunities to get on stage and perform alongside more advanced musicians because of common ground.

The songs listed here, are currently songs that are deemed as being the ones that every band or artist should know. They are popular with audiences, and therefore why would a band not want to know them?

This list is a work in progress. Some of the songs here are to be swapped out because this list has only just been adopted for this purpose. We are presently compiling a more comprehensive list. If you would like to suggest some current popular favourites, please contact the Open Mic Movement using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • “All Right Now” – Free (crib sheet)
  • “All Star” – Smash Mouth (crib sheet)
  • “All The Small Things” (crib sheet)
  • “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – Green Day
  • “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison
  • “Can’t Stop” – Red Hot Chilli Peppers (crib sheet)
  • “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – Queen
  • “Don’t Look Back In Anger” – Oasis (crib sheet)
  • “Feeling Good” – Muse
  • “Fly Away” – Lenny Kravitz
  • “Get Lucky” – Daft Punk
  • “Hero” – Chad Kroeger Crib Sheet
  • “In The End” – Linkin Park (crib sheet)
  • “Last Request” – Paolo Nutini (crib sheet)
  • “Mustang Sally” –  The Commitments (crib sheet)
  • “Seven Nation Army”– The White Stripes
  • “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” – The Clash
  • “Steady As She Goes”– The Raconteurs
  • “Teenage Kicks” (crib sheet)
  • “This Love” (crib sheet)
  • “Three Little Birds”
  • “Valerie” (crib sheet)
  • “Yellow” (crib sheet)
  • “You’ve Got The Love” (crib sheet)

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