You want to perform …
So, you’ve been furiously “practicing” your chosen instrument at home. You’re wondering what the next step is. You want to experience performing live on stage, but you don’t know how to get started.

Or you are a karaoke regular, you like to sing, and you want to take the next step – perform with a band.

Do you join a band?
So now you are thinking of joining or starting a band, but it’s a daunting prospect – what is a new musician (or karaoke singer) to do?

There is a way forward!

Get a taste …
The Jungle Bar, in Hertford has been trialing a new feature called a “Round Robin”. This is where some musicians get on stage and perform a song. The song is “looped” – that is, it’s repeated and, without stopping or dropping a beat, musicians are rotated on and off the stage; a sort of “musical tag”.

Originally this round robin idea was designed to help with sound-checks before the regular “Every Tuesday Live Music Session” started. It’s proven to be a popular feature in its own right though – which is the reason for this post.

Get a taste of performing with other musicians, visit the The Jungle Bar, Hertford to try it out. It’s on every Tuesday. The round robin starts at 8.45pm and doesn’t go on for long before the open mic session starts, so make sure you get there early enough to have registered your interest in taking part.

There are (usually) two songs covered and you can find out what they are on Thursday of the previous week on our Facebook page here:

If you need any more information call Steve on 07947 407807.

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