Featured Artists and Bands

Taking Care of Our Featured Artists And Bands

Featured Artists And Bands

Taking Care of Our Featured Artists And Bands

Supporting of Featured Artists and Featured Bands

All of our featured artists and bands are polished semi-pro or professional acts supporting The Open Mic Movement. In return, we offer give them publicity in the form that you see here, along with articles and social media mentions of any major news about them.

They have agreed to make short appearances at selected open mic movement events in support  of our pet causes: “keeping music venues open in order to protect our music industry.” They are “giving back” so to speak and so they deserve your support.

Wolf & Man

Wolf and Man (the band), has joined The Open Mic Movement as featured artists. We caught up with them recently to find out what they are all about. This five-piece band enjoys playing classic and modern rock. It's based in Hertford and formed in early 2016. There have...

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  Featured Band "Sofasonic" is an exciting Hertford-based originals blues/rock band formed in 2007. It consists of four members - Michael, SJ, Niall and Elliot, playing lead vocals/guitar, bass/backing vocals, guitar and drums respectively. They perform forty gigs per...

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The Smash

  The Smash was formed by four -  fifty-something punk rockers who were "bored of playing the wrong music, with the wrong people, for the wrong reasons." They played standard rock and pop covers at weddings and birthdays; "Johnny B Good", "Sweet Home Alabama", etc,...

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Ellie Jane’s First EP Release

Last month's Featured Artist at The George III in Hoddesdon, is releasing her first EP of six songs. The EP with the title track "Clocks" is out this Friday 21st, August 2016 on all good digital download sites. You'll remember that the Open Mic Movement was pleased to...

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