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Experienced Musicians – Why would you want to be involved?

So, you are wondering what is in The Open Mic Movement for you?

It benefits you as a musician to be involved.

By being involved with the Open Mic Movement, you would be coming in from out of the cold. You would learn the same songs as other experienced musicians who are involved.

This leads to being able to form new bands with ease. If every member of your new band had been as wise as you in joining the movement, then it is quite conceivable, that you would all be able to go out and gig straight away! Some, most, or all of the work has already been done.

In fact, if you were involved with the Open Mic Movement, we could get to the stage where YOU might be picked to join a band over somebody who WASN’T with the movement – purely because you knew the same songs as the other band members… And the other guy didn’t. AND he might have been the better musician!

If you are not currently with a band, by becoming involved with the Open Mic Movement, you are keeping motivated. Motivated the practice. Motivated to learn new songs. Motivated to get out. Motivated to meet people – get away from your wife, or husband or kids for a few hours! Get to perform in front of a live audience. Get to keep your fingers nimble, your brain active and your repertoire fresh.

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If you have any questions, please email us using the form below.

We hope to see you soon. All the best.




"Providers" (Hosts) in Partnership with Pubs & Other Venues. Do you, or can you host an #OpenMic session like this one? If you can provide a backline with #drums, stage monitoring and PA, and can accommodate #bands, you could be eligible to join the #OpenMicMovement... pic.twitter.com/AKHc…

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