Our Objectives

These are our objectives. If you would like to know more about what we do, please visit our “About” section.

We are an unregistered charity with the following objectives:

(Why unregistered?)

(i) To increase public awareness to the music industry’s new plight: the decline of live music venues;

(ii) To advance the “live performance” experience of beginner and intermediate musicians by creating regular opportunities for them to come together with veteran musicians on stage to perform to live audiences in supervised environments; and

(iii) To follow promising careers by identify and nurturing extraordinary talent.

Objective (i) will be pursued in the following ways:

We work to safeguard the music industry by ensuring that at least one open mic venue operates in every town in ways such as, but not limited by:

  1. Providing professional support such as sound engineering advice, for instance.
  2. Fostering a stellar supportive community spirit, by creating a circle of professional musicians, sound engineers and members of the public who will support (or even help host) various open mic events.
  3. Providing grants for equipment that allows for crystal clear sound in order to encourage musicians to want to perform.
  4. Work towards gaining tax relief for eligible open mic venues. Lobby government for instance.
  5. Generate and employ other tactics and strategies to safeguard the industry however necessary.
  6. Train publicans, club managers, and others to understand and utilise sound equipment on their premises, so as to allow musicians to just “rock up and perform”.

Objective (ii) will be pursued in the following ways:

  1. By creating and maintaining a “national curriculum” of songs to be learned by musicians of all abilities, so as to facilitate impromptu collaborative performances.
  2. Encouraging music academies and independent music tutors to “adopt” the national curriculum, thus equipping their students with the ability to jump on stage with other musicians at any time convenient to them.
  3. Working with open mic venues to create (at least) monthly opportunities for students to perform.
  4. Encouraging experienced musicians to get involved in live performances.
  5. Nurture a supportive environment for musicians of all abilities to help, encourage and inspire each other to perfect their art.
  6. Visiting schools to teach children about career opportunities in the music business (Musicians, singers, sound engineers, music producers and publishing, etc.)

Objective (iii) will be pursued in the following ways:

  1. Publishing news articles about new talented individual musicians and bands.
  2. Featuring them as “featured artists” allowing them to “tour” open mic movement venues giving them more exposure (and incidentally build more custom for open mic movement venues.)

The OMM, much like the music industry, will evolve. As such, the charity’s approach will be flexible and diverse to meet the changing present and perceived future conditions by:

  1. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry;
  2. Constructing strategies to more than adequately meet with changing conditions; and
  3. Adjusting the charity’s objects when necessary to do so.

Call For More Information

Call For More Information

Enquiries: 07947407807

The Open Mic Movement is an unregistered charity because it holds no funds. It is charitable because the staff are volunteers. The Open Mic Movement will become a registered charity at a time that we decide appropriate – such as when we work to solicit and obtain funding. At that point The Open Mic Movement will apply to become a “charitable incorporated organisation” (CIO). (More info here.)

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