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The UK has produced some of the greatest bands in the world, but they were not born fully formed. They practiced their instruments in bedrooms and rehearsal studios, but they learned their trade by performing in pubs and other small venues. Pubs and small venues are where they developed their performance skills.

Open Mic Sessions are ideal for developing musicians. It gives musicians vital experience that will quickly turn an amateur musician into a professional class confident performer.

Having said that, this is all in jeapody.The British Pub Association asserts that up to 25 pubs are closing down every week.

Musicians are finding it increasingly more difficult to gain the experience of playing live on stage – meaning they are unable to develop as performers.

The Open Mic Movement is working to reverse this downward trend.

The Open Mic Movement exists to ensure that musicians continue to have opportunities to play to live audiences. We ensure that bands get the exercise that is required to become great bands.

Pub Closures and What it Means For The Music Industry


We recognise that pubs are closing down. We understand the ramifications of this for the music industry.

Young talent will not develop into fully formed artists and the UK will fall from being a front-runner in the music industry.

Musicians, music teachers, music students, new bands, new artists, publicans, record companies, politicians, pubs and other music venues, are getting on board. All parties are benefitting from joining the movement, and guaranteeing that the United Kingdom remains at the forefront of the music industry.

Get involved with The Open Mic Movement and everybody wins.

One of our mandates is to ensure that at least one quality music pub in each town remains open.


Here For Publicans

Pubs are closing down. It’s a fact. We’re reversing this trend. Find Out More

Here For Open Mic Regulars

Rock up to a pub, plug in and play. Enjoy crystal clear sound on stage. Find Out More

Here For Students

Learn songs from our national curriculum of popular songs. Visit one of our open mic events to join other students following the same curriculum. Dip your toe in -perform with other students with the full support of accomplished musicians. We’re on your side. Find out more.

Here For Music Teachers

Effortlessly add and extra incentive for students to come to you. Get them ready for performance – Almost as if by accident. Find out more!

Here for Music Shops - (Like Andertons, Lee)

Who wouldn’t want more business? We’ve fueled up a music generator, and you can increase your sales from it – if you are an ethical retailer. Find out more here.

Here For Professional Musicians and Talented Newcomers!

You’ve put a new band together and are busy rehearsing. If we think you are ready, you can join us as a featured artist or band. Find out more.

Here For Open Mic Providers

Do you have a great sound system? Do musicians appreciate what you do? Do you want to be busier? If you provide an open mic service with great sound – we can give you more opportunies to connect with musicians who appreciate what you do. Find out more

Our Objectives

Our objectives are simple really – “Keep Music Live”, followed by, “Facilitate Performance” – Allow as many musicians as possible the experience of performing to live audiences.

In order to do this, we need to make sure that at least one music pub stays open in every town – another of our objectives. Check out our objectives here.


"Providers" (Hosts) in Partnership with Pubs & Other Venues. Do you, or can you host an #OpenMic session like this one? If you can provide a backline with #drums, stage monitoring and PA, and can accommodate #bands, you could be eligible to join the #OpenMicMovement... pic.twitter.com/AKHc…

About 5 months ago from Open Mic Movement's Twitter via Twitter for Android

The music industry is in danger of losing one of its best resources for developing music talent.

Stephen Gritton

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Here For Publicans

The Open Mic Movement will make sure that at least one music pub remains open in every town. - Read More


Here For Open Mic Regulars

Look for pubs who have joined The Open Mic Movement.

These pubs have committed themselves to providing the best sound on stage for musicians, with the sole aim of making it a pleasure to perform. - Read More


Here For Students

Students and parents, prepare for a shock.

A student can spend hours and hours practising to get to a performance standard. He’ll do this until it is time to perform, only to find that 50% of his talent evaporates once he gets on stage! - Read More


Here For Music Teachers

Give potential students more incentives to become actual students! Join the movement and have students actively seek your services. - Read More


Here For Music Shops

Music shops can increase sales if they align themselves with The Open Mic Movement. benefitting from more custom, as venues seek out the best PAs that they can afford. Benefit from more instrument sales as our comprehensive plan for revitalising the music industry takes a hold and more music teachers and students join the movement.

- Read More


Here For Professional Musicians and Talented Newcomers!

Is this Open Mic Movement for you? We would argue that it is. Here is one scenario where it might work for you. - Read More


Here For Open Mic Providers

Can you provide a good sound system and keep musicians happy? Do you have a “musician first” policy? - Read More

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