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The Open Mic Movement Brings You More Students

Give potential students more incentives to become actual students!

Join the movement and have students actively seek your services.

Incorporate a few songs from our “national curriculum” song list and you’ll be giving your students common ground to start from with other musicians on stage.

As a music teacher, you already know how daunting it can be for some students to perform in front of an audience. Experienced teachers also identify students with enough talent to make a nice living as a musician. 

This country has produced some of the best bands in the world. Most of them started by performing at open mics. This is where they perfected their “art” before “making it.”

Your students will gain from your being a part of the open mic movement. As word gets around, many students and parents of students will come and seek you out – because you are a part of the movement.

Don’t delay. Contact us today for more information.

 The Dream.

I dream of a time when a large proportion of people in our local communities have a musical ability. When every third or fourth person can play a tune, or is a half decent singer. A quarter or a third – or more of us. Musicians.

Wouldn’t it be great if a performer was able to call out to the crowd, “does anybody know this song?” to receive a reply like, “yeah, I know it.”

I imagine it being followed up by , “well come on up and help me out then.” from the stage.

And why not? Why shouldn’t music be the glue that holds us together like this?

Then the guy in the crowd shout back, “I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll give it a go, hang on let me get my drink…”

Where does this guy in the crowd get his confidence? He hasn’t played for a while, but he is still willing to get on stage and join in? He isn’t afraid that he is going to make mistakes – he is almost certain that he is going to make some – but he still gets up on stage.

He’s “a bit rusty, but he’ll give it a go.”

He isn’t worried, because he has experience in knowing what to do in a given situation if he does make a mistake.

The confidence does not come from learning how to play his instrument cloistered in his bedroom. He might be a virtuoso bedroom musician, but when he get’s on stage,most of his talent will abandon him – unless he has played live “on stage” before – and regularly.

And this is the key thing.

The Open Mic Movement is here for you and your students.

It is much easier for a student to go on stage supported by other performers than to go solo.

National Curriculum of Songs

This charity has put together a national curriculum of songs to make it as easy as possible for students and more accomplished musicians to meet together on stage and make music. Check out the curriculum here. It’s new – get involved now so that you can have a say in how it develops.

Let’s get students and experienced musicians on stage together where there will be maximum support for new musicians. They can start to gain their valuable experience playing live on stage with support. It’s another life-skill and it promotes confidence.


A student doesn’t have to be an accomplished musician before playing with other musicians on stage. All instrument parts can be simplified. If your student is only playing root notes or simple chords, he is still gaining valuable live performance experience performing with other musicians. The beauty of it is, that he learns how to cope with things that might go wrong during a song at the same time as he is learning how to play his instrument. No time is lost. He becomes an accomplished performer at the same time as when he becomes an accomplished musician.

Live Performance Accelerates Learning

If you adopt our philosophy, you can base some of your student lessons around these songs. This then creates opportunities for your student to perform with other students or more accomplished musicians, because they all know the same songs

Don’t Get Left Out

As word about The Open Mic Movement and what it is all about gets around, we can confidently predict that students – and parents of students, are going to be looking for music tutors who are utilising The Open Mic Movement as a learning tool.

For this reason, contacting us sooner, rather than later, is recommended. Don’t hold off, you can still have a say in which new songs are being added to the national curriculum this year.

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Here For Students

Students and parents, prepare for a shock!

A student can spend hours and hours practicing to get to a perceived performance standard. He’ll do this until it is time to perform on stage, only to find that 50% of his fledgling talent has evaporated once he gets there!


Here For Music Teachers

I dream of a time when a large proportion of people in our local communities have a musical ability. When every third or fourth person can play a tune, or is a half decent singer. A quarter or a third – or more of us. Musicians.


Here For Music Shops

It’s obvious how music shops can benefit from being a part of the Open Mic Movement.

Music shops that align themselves with this charity, benefit from increased sales, as venues seek out the best PAs that they can afford.


Here For Professional Musicians and Talented Newcomers!

Is this Open Mic Movement for you? We would argue that it is. Here is one scenario where it might work for you.


Here For Open Mic Providers

We all know that more often than not, pubs don’t have their own sound systems and can’t train up staff in how to set a PA equipment, guitar amps and the like.

So (obviously) there are open mic providers and these must not be ignored.

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