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Students and parents, prepare for a shock!

A student can spend hours and hours practicing to get to a performance standard. He’ll do this until it is time to perform, only to find that 50% of his talent evaporates once he gets on stage!

Then he:

  • Makes horrible mistakes
  • Has his confidence knocked
  • And never tries to perform again.

He becomes a permanent, resident bedroom musician. (Who can’t play loud enough to actually enjoy himself without annoying the neighbours!)

Don’t let this happen to you, or your offspring! Have a read about my dream under the title of “Being Here For Music Teachers” after you’ve finished reading this.

Get your music teacher to join the Open Mic Movement. Learn the songs on our national curriculum to enable you to play with other musicians on stage in a cusual and supportive environment. We advocate that improvers should gain live performance experience sooner rather than later. All songs can be simplified and can accommodate most abilities.

Look for our Open Mic Movement Improvers Sessions.

Gain valuable live performance experience.

There is a “national curriculum” of songs that we encourage music teachers to use as learning material. This in turn gives the student the best possible chance to get on stage with other students and musicians because they know the same songs.

Look for OMM music tutors near you. They support this getting-on-stage-to-perform-as-soon-as-possible idea. You’ll find them listed here on the website. If you find a good teacher and he doesn’t already know about the Open Mic Movement, get them to get in touch so we can help them. Or give them a link to this page.

Finally, if your music tutor or school, or academy has a page on our website, then we believe they are quality music teachers. They have fully subscribed to this playing live as soon as possible concept and they actively encourage students to play live at Improvers Sessions held across the country.

Note: OMM music tutors subscribe to “playing live as soon as possible”, but this doesn’t mean that it is mandatory for students to perform live. Some students only want to learn for pleasure after all.

Improvers Sessions

  • musicians are more intelligent than non-musicians – it’s fact. Watch why.

A Common Mistake Students and Parents Make…

Jason Mraz started playing live in coffee shops. We doubt it was easy, so our mission is to make it a doddle for people to perform live.

A common error that people make, is to neglect live performance. Students often think of “performance” last – and as well they might – for obviously, you need to be able to play an instrument to an advanced level first, right?


But even music teachers can be guilty of this. They often don’t think about the “art of performance” whilst pushing their students to pursue musical excellent. This is a mistake.

I learned how to play the accordion and then went out to play in pubs with an arranger keyboard and no clue as to what I was letting myself in for.

Suffice to say, I only really actually transformed from a learner to a musician, by performing live. I developed my musical ear by jamming with other musicians on stage..

Stephen Gritton

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Here For Students

Students and parents, prepare for a shock!

A student can spend hours and hours practicing to get to a perceived performance standard. He’ll do this until it is time to perform on stage, only to find that 50% of his fledgling talent has evaporated once he gets there!


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So (obviously) there are open mic providers and these must not be ignored.

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