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Keep Pubs Open or the Music Dies

The Open Mic Movement will make sure that at least one music pub remains open in every town.

More than one music pub would be ideal, however, with at least one music pub per town, we would still be giving Great Britain’s music industry a chance to stay ahead of the rest of the world.

To qualify as an Open Mic Movement public house, your pub should have a “music first” policy.

This means that the pub must do everything it possibly can to facilitate music performance. Back in the olden days, this meant having an upright piano in the bar ready for a piano player to jump on and bash out a few tunes!

We are not in the olden days.

(Hence the reason for the pub industry’s decline.)

In order to make it a simple affair for a musician to perform, must align itself with today’s music requirements. Your pub needs its own sound system. Also, to entice musicians out of their houses to play in your pub, it must have great sound monitoring “on stage” to allow the musicians to hear themselves.

Your pub would be better qualified to be an Open Mic Movement pub, if it had guitar amps ready for a guitarist to turn up with their guitars and simply “plug in”.

Your pub would be even more of a success if it had a drum-kit and keyboard on site. Some or all of these ingredients required for a player to “jump in and bash out a few tunes.” We’re looking to reintroduce the tradition of pubs casually facilitating impromtu perfomances.

Most musicians have full-time jobs and family commitments. You should make it as easy as possible for them to rock up and play.

What do you get out of it? A busy pub. You are putting your pub at the centre of your community once again – where it belongs. Your public will support you. The Open Mic Movement will support you with Featured Artists. You’ll gain publicity via our website and social media. Advice about your sound and your  social media campaigns. (How to talk directly to your customers through their chosen social media platforms – Facebook for instance.)

Open Mic Movement pubs must have a page on our website. This confirms that they are “registered Open Mic Movement venues” and we think that their sound systems are above par with great sound on stage.


We’ll include information about the pub and its events; and also the facilities that musicians are looking for. (For if the musician is a pianist, etc.)


The pub then has the right to display the Open Mic Movement registered logo on the premises and have an Open Mic Movement banner up with links to their page in plain sight whilst the open mic session is on.

To qualify as an Open Mic Movement public house, your pub should have a “music first” policy.

Pub Closed Music Industry Affected

Pub Closures Are Slowly Killing The Music Industry

.. and don’t just take our word for it; you can read more about this on The Independent’s website here.

Pubs in Camden Town have spawned many great bands. Amy Winehouse played in many of them. Apparently, The Hawley Arms beside Camden Market was her local. Her fans still keep the pub busy.

Another example – The Blur, The Killers, Artic Monkeys and Madness played in Camden’s Dubliin Castle before they were famous. Where would they be now if there were no pubs?

Eddie Sheeran mentions playing in pubs in the article below …

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