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Here For Open Mic Providers

Can you provide great a good sound system and keep musicians happy? Do you have a “musician first” policy?

Can you carry the evening if attendence is – spotty?

Pubs and other venues don’t often have their own sound systems, and can’t train up staff on how to set a PA equipment, guitar amps and the like.

Often, they will have the toys, but they still need a good host.

Approved Open Mic Providers listed here, have all of the qualities mentioned above and have become something larger than themselves. They enjoy more publicity and work with better informed pub management.You’ll benefit from touring Featured Artists; advice about sound equipment and advice on how to organise your open mic session.

An approved provider must be registered with The Open Mic Movement. This guarantees that the provider utilises quality equipment – PA and good stage monitoring for the musician.

The venues that you provide a service for, must also be registered with The Open Mic Movement in order to benefit from our support. This would give them a page on our site that people can visit to verify what is going to be available at the pub. 

Pick up more work, join The Open Mic Movement.

If you are already providing for an open mic session at a quality venue, tell them about the Open Mic Movement and how we can support them. Or simply get them to visit the site.

For more information contact us here.

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Here For Open Mic Providers

Can you provide great a good sound system and keep musicians happy? Do you have a “musician first” policy? - Read More

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